So I asked myself, how would Chad play Quake?

ChadQuake is a fork of Mark V Quake with the following changes:

Software rendering only

Because that's how Quake was meant to be played. No texture filtering, no texture perspective correction, awesome fluid effects, better lighting. For a better comparison between Software Quake and GLQuake, see this article.
Code for other versions is still there, but it's untested and the build config has been removed.

No animation interpolation

Choppy animations and movements are part of Quake, and they look better than interpolated ones that look like what a 12 year old would make in an evening playing around with Unity

Quake defaults, while keeping support for mods

All the customization is hidden so that it can only be accessed by mods or the console. This keeps the original look and feel, as well as support for all mods that work with Mark V.

MP3 only

It's 2018, Chad doesn't have a CD drive, why even support it? Music is only read from MP3 files instead.

Windows only

Because it's the best and chaddest operating system. Unix supremacists can go eat a shambler's ass.
Code for other versions is still there, but it's untested and the build config has been removed.

No level selection menu

Chad plays through the whole game on nightmare, he doesn't cheat with the level selector

The original menu

Mouse support for menus in a 1996 game? Heresy!

Max resolution is 1280x1024

Do you think a 1996 game was meant to be played in 4K? Or even 1080p? Heresy! You play in 640x480 and thank your daddy for buying you that sweet Pentium MMX, otherwise you'd be stuck at 320x200 like everyone else. For mods support however, it's better to have a limit of 1280x1024

Minor bugfixes

Because Baker never died while testing his port, reloading while dead was bugged in 1036 and is fixed in ChadQuake.
I did not see any other bug while playing through the entire game, expansion packs, and several mods, so it's unlikely that ChadQuake will ever be updated.


How to use ChadQuake

It works the same as Mark V:
  • Put your game pak files inside the ID1 folder
  • Put your music files in ID1\Music named Track##.mp3
  • Run the game

All command line options are the same as the Mark V.

Source code


ChadQuake, like Mark V, can be built on Visual Studio 2008 SP1. Load the project and press Build. All dependencies are included.


Baker: for making Mark V, the best and most badass Quake source port out there.


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