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About me

My name's Federico Dossena, I'm Italian and I live in Crema, a city not too far from Milano. I was born in 1991 and I'm a software developer with a degree in Computer Science.
Most of my work is Free and Open Source software, and you can find it on this website.

Tech skills

I know the language and its APIs very well. This includes a basic knowledge of the now obsolete JSP.
I mostly use NetBeans for development.
Front-end web technologies
I have a good knowledge of HTML5, CSS, JavaScript. I tend to use vanilla technologies as much as possible, but I have some basic knowledge of JQuery and Bootstrap. I also have some basic knowledge of Electron.
Back-end web technologies
I have a good knowledge of PHP and some basic knowledge of Node.js. I also have basic knowledge of the Apache2 and IIS web servers.
I have a good knowledge of SQL, and the MySQL DBMS in particular; I know how to properly design a database, and how to make apps and websites interact with it. I also have some basic knowledge of PostgreSQL and SQLite.
Android development
I have a good knowledge of the Android APIs and the Android Studio environment, although its continuous changes make this a very bold statement.
Software design
I'm familiar with model-driven software development and have some knowledge of UML.
I'm also interested in the design of GUIs and user experience in general.
I know Microsoft Windows very well, but I recently switched to GNU/Linux as my main OS. I prefer Debian-based distributions.
I have a good knowledge of git, and some basic knowledge of Docker.
Low level / Embedded
I have a good knowledge of Arduino, its IDE, and some basic electronics.
I also have some basic knowledge of C, C++ and x86 assembly.
I have a decent knowledge of how TCP/IP networks work and how to set up a network, and decent knowledge of Microsoft Active Directory.
I'm a decent system builder, I've built and sold a lot of computers, I know how to diagnose problems and how to fix them.
I have a good knowledge of a lot of software packages, including but not limited to LibreOffice, FFmpeg, GIMP, Nextcloud, Syncthing, Notepad++, Oracle VirtualBox, VMWare Thinapp, Inno Setup, Wordpress and more.


  • Universit√† degli Studi di Milano: 2018-Present
    Master Degree in Computer Science
  • Universit√† degli Studi di Milano: 2010-2016
    Bachelor in Computer Science. 110 cum laude/110
  • ITIS Galileo Galilei Crema: 2005-2010
    Diploma in Computer Science. 95/100


  • MBstore distribuzione informatica: 2013-2019
    Various roles, mostly computer technician and web developer for several small business websites

Hobbies and Interests

  • Technology in general: from building computers to making open source software in my free time.
  • Video games: I've been a PC gamer since the 90s. I mostly play RPGs, old First Person Shooters, Puzzle games, story-driven games and I recently started playing rhythm games. Some of my favorite games are Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, Mass Effect, Dragon Age Origins, Doom, Quake, Unreal, Portal, The Talos Principle, Life is Strange, GTA V, Pump It Up, and many others.
  • Electronic music: I listen to many subgenres of electronic: Trance, EDM, Hardcore, Tech House, Deep House, Goa, IDM. I don't like Pop music, and hate Italian music.
  • Data hoarding: I have 40TB of storage and planning to expand it. I enjoy preserving internet culture and rare video games.
  • Spirituality: I don't consider myself to be religious, but I love discussing it.
  • Politics: I know how to ruin perfectly good friendships.
  • Movies and TV: I don't watch a lot of it, but I like sci-fi and horror movies. I love the Star Trek TV series, especially TNG.


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