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About me

My name's Federico Dossena, I'm Italian and I live in Crema, a city not too far from Milano. I was born in 1991 and I'm a software developer with a masters degree in Computer Science and currently work as a Computer Science teacher.
Most of my work is Free and Open Source software, and you can find it on this website.


You can download my CV from the following links:

Hobbies and Interests

  • Technology in general: from building computers to making open source software in my free time.
  • Video games: I've been a PC gamer since the 90s. I mostly play RPGs, old First Person Shooters, Puzzle games, Story-driven games and Rhythm games. Some of my favorite games are Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, Mass Effect, Dragon Age Origins, Doom, Quake, Unreal, Portal, The Talos Principle, Life is Strange, GTA V, A Plague Tale, Pump It Up, Invector, and many others.
  • Electronic music: I listen to many subgenres of electronic: Trance, EDM, Hardcore, Tech House, Deep House, Electro House, Goa, IDM. I don't like Pop music, and hate Italian music.
  • Data hoarding: I have 96TB of storage and it's constantly growing larger. I enjoy preserving internet culture and video games.
  • Movies and TV: I don't watch a lot of it, but I like sci-fi and horror movies. I love the Star Trek TV series, especially TNG.


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