Mesa3D For Windows

Mesa3D can be used to provide a Software Renderer to OpenGL applications.
It is especially useful to run old apps and games that use an old version of OpenGL and do not work properly on modern hardware.
Please note that this renderer is far from perfect, and many games will not work.

Instructions on how to use the DLL are included.



32 bit builds are for 32 bit Windows apps, on both 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows. Use these for old games.
64 bit builds are for 64 bit apps only, on 64 bit Windows.


Not working? Try these

Some applications and games will refuse to load opengl32.dll from their directory.

Solution 1: .local directory

Make a folder with the same name as the exe of the program you want to run followed by .local. For instance, stvoy.exe.local
Inside this folder, copy opengl32.dll from Mesa and run the program.

This method works best with old apps and games. The method is based on this document by Microsoft.

Solution 2: If you're on Windows 7/8

How I build it


Open Source. For more info, see Mesa License & Copyright.

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